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A platform enabling scheduling manicurist appointment upon demand

1. Businesses - are service providers

2. The service consumers - the recipients of the service

For each of them there are different needs and requirements which allow them to use the optimal time management service for them

Therefore, during the research of the case study, I separated these two types of clients

I have separately characterized how the app is used for each customer according to their needs and requirements.


The service consumers


 High availability for available appointments

A variety of professional service providers in the desired field with recommendations for high-level professionals



Enjoy discounts and discounted prices following the use of the app


A wide range of options within the desired location range


Easy-to-operate app

Businesses - are service providers


Platform for easy-to-operate availability and queuing


Available and reliable clientele


The customer who uses the app is a girl at the age of 35 average
Her workday is packed with meetings and errands and she doesn't want to miss her Pilates class twice a week.
She's a well-groomed, sophisticated girl who likes a gentle, precise style, and every three weeks she makes sure to replenish her gel polish
It's important for her to channel her time between work and social life.
And she's looking for a manicurist who fits her times.
Our app makes the time management platform accessible to women who care about using their time effectively and are not afraid of accessible technology


In the initiative app building stage, I realized that searching within a map is not intuitive enough for everyone and can make it difficult for the user to reach the maximum end result in a minimum of time, so this idea fails

I decided to present the deta that is listed according to the fastest availability and not according to the nearest location
Because as a potential user, I realize that I would go to the best and most available manicurist and not the most close.
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אפיון 2.jpg
אפיון 3.jpg
אפיון 4.jpg


Once the app was ready I tested 7 different users, and asked them about the
overall experience.
The questions asked were a significant part of the nature of the app and how it will continue
to be conducted
First we need to understand who the competitors in the market are and what makes our app unique
We asked both potential customers and potential businesses who would like to use the
app in the future.

The questions for the service provider business-

-Do you see the benefit of this app over other apps?
-Would you like to join the platform?
-If you have an appointment in your diary would you prefer to
advertise the queue at a discounted price?Or not get a client
Will you give discounts to customers who come through the platform?

The questions for potential customers-

-Do you see the benefit of the app?
-Would you like to use it in the future?
-Does the service meet your need?
-Would you go to a manicurist to arrange your nails through the app?
-Would you turn to the app to find a manicurist closest to you?


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